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The Flipped Classroom model of teaching allows greater flexibility for teachers to work with students indiv

Education Consulting

Lyceum Education Solutions is the consulting branch of Lyceum Education, INC. We offer consulting on how to set up and efficiently run online education programs. As well as offering budget saving advice on support services and extracurricular programs. 

Do the lessons on the Aristotle Online Academy meet Common Core or specific state standards?

While we ensure that the topics in all state standards have been covered the lessons go beyond just meeting standards.  What is the 'x' in an algebraic equation, what occurred at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, how to read the periodic table, or how to properly use a semi-colon, do not change, regardless of how the state standards are worded. 

We have made sure that all the topics for all the standards of all 50 states have been used as a guide post and we will made sure to cover all of these topics (and we will make new lessons as new standards come out) but our lessons are designed to teach the factual grounding for these lessons.  

What are the advantages to your program over other flipped classroom video providers?

A lot of flipped classroom videos that are currently available suffer from several flaws.

  • The first is that they're dull.  Often either delivered in a dry tone or suffering from low production values, no matter how accurate the information they can quickly lose the students interests.   While the quality of the education will never be sacrificed, Lyceum Education videos seek to have a more human and engaging tone with high production values that will keep a student engaged.

  • Second, most current options are difficult to navigate.  Most current providers just have a collection of videos without much reference or search abilities.  Due to the fact that education terms have the annoying tendencies of changing almost every other year, the type of lesson a teacher is looking for can be difficult to find if they don't use the right term in a search engine.  Hours of time can be wasted looking for the right lesson to no avail.  Lyceum Education videos will be made with each video showing how it can be tied to the lessons in textbooks from the major providers and alligned to individual state standards.  Our search features will include detailed maps to help find specific lessons and we will keep these up to date as state standards are changed and new editions of textbooks are published.

  • Third, most flipped classroom options right now do not include tests for each lesson.  There are few ways to quickly verify if the students actually watched the lesson or if they did if more work needs to done with the lesson.  Each lesson on the Aristotle Online Academy will come with a short multiple choice quiz that will test the knowledge and comprehension (and depending on the lesson the application) levels of the information of the lesson.  For teachers these will be emailed to the teacher immediately upon completion and can be accessed throughout the day.  This way a teacher can see if they need to take more time in class to work on the application and comprehension levels of the lesson or can either move onto the more in-depth parts for the lesson or onto the next lesson.

Doesn't your system of lessons make teachers useless?

No.  We are covering only the groundwork of the lessons.  The knowledge and comprehension levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  The deeper levels that include analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of any lesson still need a skilled teacher or parent to help a student move through these subjects at the level we would love all students to reach.  Our lessons ensure that students don't get bogged down in the lower levels of learning and have the time to reach their full potential.