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The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom model of teaching allows greater flexibility for teachers to work with students indiv

Education Consulting

Lyceum Education Solutions is the consulting branch of Lyceum Education, INC. We offer consulting on how to set up and efficiently run online education programs. As well as offering budget saving advice on support services and extracurricular programs. 

Lyceum Education Solutions Consulting

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Aristotle Online Academy

The Aristotle Online Academy is Lyceum's Education's premiere product.  An online collection of lessons covering all core subjects in English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.  These lessons allow for teachers to engage in a flipped classroom model to help improve the effectiveness of their teaching.  They can be used by homeschooling parents to supplement their work with their student.  They can also be used by individual students to help themselves when they are having trouble with a lesson and need a different perspective on how to learn a specific lesson that their regular classes are not providing.

These lessons are broken into the small and easily understood parts of larger lessons, much like the teaching style of the philosopher the system is named after.  They are aligned to all state standards and major textbook lessons to make finding the right lesson easy.  Each lesson also includes a short quiz at the end to test for understanding and participation that can be automatically emailed to a teacher/parent/student upon finishing the lesson.

The lessons of the Aristotle Online Academy are designed to be engaging, in depth, and appeal to students of various learning styles.  

In addition to the Aristotle Online Academy, Lyceum Academy publishes a series of books designed to be used on their own or accompanying the lessons of the Aristotle Online Academy.

These books will go over discussion topics, useful exercises and assignments, and other resources that can be used by classroom teachers but can be especially useful to homeschooling parents when getting into subjects and topics that may not be in their traditional focus.  Textbooks and lessons may provide a lot of the groundwork of a subject, the Lyceum Publishing books will help parents and teachers ensure they get the most out of the groundwork laid by those resources.  

The consulting division of Lyceum Education is dedicated to helping schools integrate online classrooms into their brick and mortar programs.  Online schools can help to expand the options of schools with limited educational resources, and expand the options and efficiency of schools with already stable resources.  However, while most recognize that online courses are an important feature of modern education, they do not always set up the infrastructure, set effective policies, or negotiate contracts to the benefit of student education.  Lyceum Education Solutions comes into play here.  We can help set up a new program or improve an existing one.

And with our relationship with Cathy Green Consulting we can offer services and experience on how to cut costs in the administrative and support services of a school to get the funds necessary to create an effective program without having to cut any existing education programs or the quality of these other programs.